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HERsay Podcast

Dec 16, 2022

All year long we look forward to the festivity and fun of December. And although it feels like there’s less time than ever to squeeze in some quality time for reading, December brings us lots of reasons to seek out a good book - whether its for us (because, hello, we deserve it), or as a gift for those we love and appreciate, or even to have on-hand for that last-minute, unexpected gift-exchange. This month’s HERsay Podcast x Barnes & Noble book picks includes new fiction, biography, psychology (because, hello, family get togethers), home decorating, a cookbook, and gift ideas for kids and grownups alike. Check out our complete list of book picks at Proceeds from books purchased through our website go to SeekHer Foundation, supporting the mental health issues unique to women though empowerment and advocacy. Today I’m talking with Lindsey Eklund from Barnes & Noble in Pittsford New York.