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HERsay Podcast

Nov 12, 2022

In November, we’re preparing for the season of showing our love and appreciation for others with food, with gifts, and of course with the time spent on getting it all done. It’s a busy time of year for sure, but all the more important that we carve out some time for ourselves to enjoy a book that nourishes the mind...

Oct 8, 2022

October reading is what dreams are made of. The back-to-school rush is over and we’re in the groove of a new routine… shorter and chillier days call for an extra latte, tea, or glass(es) of wine… and - can you hear it? - it’s the sound of the short-lived quiet before the holiday storm.

For this month’s HERsay...

Sep 19, 2022

In September, we're excited about all things hygge!  If you’re looking to get cozy with a good book this month, listen to today's HERsay Podcast x Barnes & Noble book picks episode, featuring six excellent titles and book convo with our host Caroline Elliott, and Lauren Pollock from Barnes & Noble in Webster, NY. 

Aug 20, 2022

We’re making sure you have plenty of options for your final weeks of summer reading with our HERsay Podcast x Barnes & Noble August book picks! Before the season changes and the festive holiday planning begins, listen to Caroline’s conversation with Barnes & Noble's Katie Bretz about the books women will...

Jul 16, 2022

WARNING: You're gonna need a bigger shopping cart! Our HERsay Podcast x Barnes & Noble July book picks are here and, take it from us, it's going to be hard to keep your reading list short.

July brings some extra time to hunker down with a good story, expert advice, and inspiration for your summer to-do list. Need a book...