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HERsay Podcast

Jan 15, 2021

The HERsay Podcast is a platform for the voices of all women. We build community by connecting women through sharing stories, advice, and opinions, and having the sometimes-difficult conversations that can help move us forward. You will hear from women who ARE like you and also from women NOT so much like you. Because if we only hear one perspective, how can we continue to grow?

Each week of the month, we listen to the voices of women in a new way., with segments such as our “Open Mic” series, women share first-hand accounts of dealing with the most difficult issues facing women today, or  “Callings,” talking to inspiring and influential women leaders who are making a difference in our country and discussing their journey toward achieving a life of meaning and purpose. 

Join us each week as we listen, learn, enlighten, and transform. All women - from every background, every perspective - are welcome. Don’t find your voice represented? Let us know! Have something you want to say? Get in touch! Your voice may be just what we need. Welcome to HERsay.


Song: Borough by Blue Dot Sessions